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As manufacturers, we stand behind everything we sell. And, as specialists in leather, we can help you make the most of your fashion investment to ensure it provides years of service.

General Guidelines
Smooth Leathers
Suede & Nubuk Leathers
Washable Suede
General Guidelines

Care When Wet

While not waterproof, leathers are not generally harmed by rain provided you dry them properly. If your leather garment gets wet, remove any heavy objects from the pockets and hang it on a sturdy hanger away from sources of direct heat (hot air vents, radiators, furnaces, etc.). If your garment is made of suede or nubuk, you can restore the nap after itís dried by brushing it with the Suede Brush.

Adhesive Tags
Never put adhesive stickers like name tags on leather or suede clothing as glue will permanently mark its surface.     
Storing Your Garment
Never store leather or suede in plastic. These natural materials need to breathe and should be kept in a cool, dry area away from direct heat.     
Altering Your Garment     
Alterations can be made to your Leather garment by your own professional alterationists. While leather garments can usually be taken in, they can rarely be let out without leaving noticeable marks. Note that pins will leave holes in leather and should not be used during alterations. For the best results with alterations we suggest that you use either an alterationist that you know and trust who has leather experience or use the services provided by all of the professional cleaners we recommend. To find the one closest to you please go to professional cleaners section of our site.
Smooth Leathers

To remove everyday dirt from smooth leathers, periodically wipe them with a water-dampened cloth. To help keep your garment soft and supple and retain its natural oils, periodically apply leather care Lotion with a soft cloth using a gentle circular motion.

Remember, if you have trouble removing ground-in dirt or stains, take your garment to an leather cleaning professionals as soon as possible.
Suede & Nubuk Leathers 
To protect your suede or nubuk garment, apply Leather Protective Spray before the first wearing, being sure to completely cover the collar and cuffs where it comes in contact with oils from your skin.

Hold the can 10 to 12 inches away from the garment and spray lightly but thoroughly, being careful not to soak the garment. Let the garment dry completely and spray lightly again. For continuous protection, re-spray every two to three months, depending on frequency of wear.

Caution: Spray only in a well-ventilated area away from children and pets.
Periodically use the Suede Cloth and/or Suede Brush to remove everyday dirt and restore the nap of your suede or nubuk garment.

Ground-in dirt and stains should be cleaned by a professional leather and suede cleaner. However, you can help minimize stains by treating them immediately before having your garment professionally cleaned.

Stains from alcohol or protein substances like food, milk or blood should be lightly dabbed with a water-dampened cloth to help prevent them from setting.

If you get oil or grease on your suede or nubuk garment, dab the area with a dry, soft, absorbent cloth. Apply powdered white chalk (simple ground-up ordinary blackboard chalk works best) to the stained area and let set (without rubbing) for 24 hours, then gently brush it away with the Suede Cloth or Suede Brush.
Washable Suede
Washing Instructions     
Use a brush to remove any surface dirt before laundering. Machine wash (inside out) separately in normal, cold water. Use mild liquid soap (no bleach or fabric softener). Tumble dry at low drying temperature. Do not hang or drip dry. Reverse inside out and iron shell. To iron suede surface, use a light weight cotton towel overtop. Use medium heat.

Do not dry clean. Garment may shrink a small percentage after washing. This item is washable because a different tanning process is used.

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